Prosciutto is one of the better known Italian smallgoods. We see it on menus, we see it on antipasto platters and we see it in deli’s everywhere. However many of us know very little about the history and culture behind this sweet sweet meat.

An Italian dry-cured pork, the word Prosciutto translates to “ham”, and is usually served thinly sliced and uncooked. At Byron Bay Fine Food & Beverage Festival, Chef Luca Ciano will present at Producer Masterclass entitled “Prosciutto di Parma with Chef Luca Ciano“.

Luca is well positioned to share the intricacies of Proscuitto, he was born and raised in Milan, Italy. His culinary journey began at the tender age of 8, by the hip of his mother and Nonna. From these beginnings his career has flourished through some of the great kitchens of Italy, London, Bermuda and more recently Australia.

Luca has a passion for simplicity in food, placing a premium on fresh and seasonal ingredients. However it’s his devotion to the idea of setting, atmosphere and conversation that surround a meal, that is bound to make this masterclass memorable.

Luca’s masterclass will take you through the history and culture of Prosciutto, with particular focus on what distinguishes the meat cured in the Parma region from Proscuitto elsewhere.

Masterclass attendees will taste the differences between 12 – 36 month aged meats and learn some of Luca’s secrets to pairings and presentation of Proscuitto.

All masterclasses can be registered for at the festival and Luca’s class will be limited to 48 people.

Masterclasses are complimentary with General Admission to #ByronFoodFest, tickets are available exclusively through Eventbrite https://byronfoodfest.eventbrite.com/.

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