At the northern end of the Grampians, in Western Victorian you’ll find an outstanding foodie haven in the form of Mount Zero Olives. Not only does this family owned and operated farm process superb olives and olive oil. They also produce Olive Leaf Tea, pulses, grains, condiments, salt and even skincare. Not to mention the long table lunches and functions they host.

A Commitment To Excellence

The Seymour family (owners of Mount Zero) are committed to sustainable production with biodynamic farming, wild harvesting and off-grid energy supply. However their many awards and accolades attest to another commitment, a commitment to flavour, quality and innovation.

A notable feature of the Seymour family’s principled based approach to farming and business is a partnership with Barengi Gadjin Land Council and traditional owners from the Wimmera region. This partnership includes harvest beautiful salt from the Pink Lake in Dimboola.

Mount Zero is actually one of Australia’s oldest Olive groves, planted in the 1940’s. However the Seymour family purchased the property in 2003, producing their first commercial olives and oil in 1996.

Another important partnership is one with Qantas Epiquire, which sees Mount Zero supply a wide range of their products to one of Australia’s most iconic brands, “the flying kangaroo”.

Mount Zero At #ByronFoodFest

Not only will Mount Zero be one of our table top producers, offering their product in the Artisan Producer section of Byron Bay Fine Food & Beverage Festival. You can can join Richard for the “Olives – From Grove To Plate with Mount Zero OlivesMasterclass.

In this class you will learn about how olives are grown, and made into beautiful olive oil and table olives. You’ll have the opportunity to taste of both the new season olive oil (harvest only days before) and some delicious olive leaf tea. You’ll also hear the story behind the most inspiring hand harvested pink salt Mount Zero produces in collaboration with the indigenous custodians in their region.

This Masterclass is limited to 40 people, you can register for this class on the day of the festival. 

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